Common Pests of the Home, Lawn and Garden

Whether you realize it or not, you are surrounded by pests.  Pests can be found on the kitchen counter and other areas your home, in the yard, in your pool or in your garden.  Pests can be as large as a deer eating lettuce in your garden to a microscopic virus that can place you in the hospital.  How you manage a pest will be determined by the plant or site where it is found, the pests biology, behavior or life cycle and your own personal tolerances for pests and pesticides.  In some cases, a pest may be a nuisance but does not present a hazard to your health or property.  

If a pest wanders into the home when a door or window is left open simple removal of the pest may be all that is necessary.  In other cases, a pest, such as a yellow jacket, may present some imminent hazard to you or your family and a rapid control of the pest is necessary.  Regardless of your situation, numerous resources are available to help you determine the best method of management and control of the pests you will find in your home, workplace, lawn or garden.  Some of the common groups of pests include animals, fungus, insects, weeds and microorganism. 

The Pest Management Guide: Home Grounds and Animals  is a resource developed by the Virginia Cooperative Extension which contains valuable information related to managing pest issues in and around your home.  You can access additional pest specific information by choosing the site or pest category from the lists below. 

How would you describe the pest?  Choose pest group from list below.