Certification, Licensing and Training

The Virginia Pesticide Control Act (Act) and related Regulations set forth the requirements for applicator certification, business licensing and product registration.  The following links will take you to information that is posted on the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ (VDACS) website.  The Office of Pesticide Services (OPS) administers and enforces the provisions of the Act and Regulations.  Questions about these topics can be directed to the Certification, Licensing, Registration and Training (CLRT) staff of OPS by calling 804-786-3798.  You can also select the appropriate staff member from the VDACS agency directory by clicking here.

Applicator Certification & Training
Individuals whose job duties involve the application of pesticides may need to be certified under the Virginia Pesticide Control Act.  This requirement will depend on either the type of business they work for or the pesticides which are used during the course of their work.  If they work for a business which applies pesticides commercially, they would be required to be certified.  For example, individuals who apply weed killers while working for a lawn care company would have to be certified as either a registered technician or a commercial applicator with training in Category 3-A.  The lawn care company would have to also hold a pesticide business license as discussed below.

To learn more about the requirements for applicator certification visit the following pages on the VDACS website:

This website also provides some information about applicator training which can be viewed on the Pesticide Applicator Training page. 

Pesticide Business License

Individuals whose business applies or recommends for use any pesticide commercially in Virginia must first obtain a Pesticide Business License for that business.  Additionally, businesses which sell, distribute or store pesticides in Virginia are also required to obtain a pesticide business license unless exempted by Regulation.  For more information, visit the Pesticide Business Licensing page of the VDACS website. 

Pesticide Product Registration

Every pesticide which is distributed, manufactured, sold or used in Virginia must first be registered with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  This requirement applies to all pesticide products including those which are exempt from federal registration under Section 25(b) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).  The Pesticide Product Registration page of the VDACS website provides information about registration options and fees, new product submissions and renewals.  Products which are classified as pesticide devices do not need to be registered.