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Focus On: Mosquitoes & Diseases they carry

Mosquito 1
Female Aedes Albopictus mosquito (Asian Tiger Mosquito) feeding on human host.
Source: CDC (PHIL ID 1866)

Information on Mosquitoes (VDH)
Zika Virus (VDH)
Mosquito Control (EPA)
Zika Virus Prevention (CDC)
West Nile Virus Prevention (CDC)
Chikungunya Virus (CDC)

Learning Modules

Homeowner & label

The Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension has released two learning modules for homeowners related to Integrated Pest Management and Plant Diseases in the Home Garden and Landscape:



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Featured Video

Dr. Miller helped develop several bedbug related educational videos, fact sheets, and presentations which are available via the link below.

VDACS Bed Bug and Education Program

Dr. Dini Miller works in Virginia Tech's Department of Entomology at the Dodson Urban Pest Management Laboratory. To learn more about her work visit her bio page on Virginia Tech's website.

Additional Videos

Using Foggers to Control Insects Inside Your Home? First watch the videos found on EPA's Safety Precautions for Total Release Foggers webpage.

In addition to the videos found on this page, visit the Pesticide Safety and IPM: Audio and Video Resources page of this website for additional resources.