Pesticide Safety and IPM:  Audio and Video Resources

There are a number of video and audio resources available to consumers online related to pesticide safety and integrated pest management.  The following resources have been provided for informational and educational purposes. 

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Videos Made in Virginia
The following videos have been developed by various Virginia based groups or educators as public service announcements or to provide information and training related to specific pest issues, pesticide safety or integrated pest management.

For videos from Virginia Tech's Pesticide Programs (VTPP) click here.
For videos from the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service (VCE) click here.
Tick Safety in Fairfax County
Fairfax County’s Fight the Bite PSA

Environmental Protection Agency
Lawn and Garden Videos- The EPA has developed a series of videos to inform consumers about healthy, environmentally friendly lawn and landscape practices.  In addition to these videos, this website has brochures, fact sheets and other information related to keeping the lawn healthy and green.

Infestations Vacations - This EPA short video reminds homeowners and tenants of human health hazards associated with pest infestations as well as how sanitation can reduce or prevent such infestations.  The related EPA webpage, Controlling Rodents and Regulating Rodenticides, also includes information about preventing and managing rodent infestations.

Pesticides and Food Safety-This podcast was produced by the US EPA.  A chemist from EPAs Office of Pesticide Programs discusses how EPA, FDA and USDA work together to minimize the risks associated with pesticides used on food crops.

Green Gardening and Pest Management- In this video, Enesta Jones interviews Tom Brennan of the Office of Pesticide Programs. Mr. Brennan discusses how homeowners can have a healthy lawn and landscape by following integrated pest management practices. During the interview, greener reduced risk pesticides are discussed as well. Video time: 11:05 minutes.

Safety Precautions for Total Release Foggers -This wegpage contains videos which discuss how to properly use pesticide foggers. The following safety practices are highlighted in the videos.

  • Do not use more foggers than necessary.
  • Keep foggers away from ignition sources.
  • Notify family members, neighbors, and anyone else that may enter the premises.
  • Vacate the treated house, individual apartment unit, or other structure immediately.
  • Air out after returning to the treated area.

Centers for Disease Control
Zika Video Resources

Dangerous Creatures-A Visit to the CDC Insectary -This CDC video was written to educate young people from ages 8 to 12 about mosquitoes used for research at the CDC insectary. The video provides an overview of the mosquito breeding program and test conducted on moquitoes in research related to insecticide resistance.

Protecting Yourself and Your Community from West Nile Virus-This CDC webpage contains a set of video clips which discusses West Nile Virus and ways it can be prevented.  Mosquitoes serve as a vector of this disease.

West Nile Virus TV PSA- Public Service Announcements providing information about how to prevent the spread of West Nile Virus by managing mosquitoes and preventing bites.

Podcasts from the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, Division of Vector-Borne Diseases (DVBD), which discuss various vector-borne diseases and how to prevent their spread.

National Center for Healthy Housing
The Integrated Pest Management in Affordable Housing page includes links to videos related managing pest which pose a human health risk.  The following videos can be viewed from the website or by selecting the link if provided below: 

National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC)
PestiByte Podcasts –a series of short interviews with NPIC’s pesticide specialists about various pesticide safety topics.

YouTube Channels and Videos
Pesticide Safety Videos -A video collection selected and maintained by Virginia Tech's Pesticide Programs which includes pesticide safety videos from university extension specialists throughout the nation.

Entsoc Channel-The Entomological Society of America has posted a number of videos which have been submitted to them from researchers , entomologists and educators. 

Growing Green Lawns –The Growing Green Lawns website has links to several Youtube videos related to weed management and general lawn maintenance. 

Pestworld Channel-The National Pest Management Association has posted videos from each of their websites on Youtube.  These websites include  Pestworld, Pestworld for Kids and  More videos can be found on the individual websites.

UNL Extension PSEP –These videos have been developed by the Pesticide Safety Education Program which is part of the University of Nebraska’s extension program in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The UNL Extension PSEP channel has videos about Safe Pesticide Handling, Personal Protective Equipment, Pesticide Labels and Laws and the Worker Protection Standard. 

Three Minute Gardener-These short videos produced for Penn State’s Public Broadcasting station, WPSU, provide information about caring for the lawn and garden.  Pest management pesticide related videos include Pest Management (Parts 1 & 2), Invasive Plants and Fall Ornamental Pests.

Pesticide Safety Outside the Home-This video provided by the Alabama Cooperative Extension discusses integrated pest management and pesticide safety tips when using pesticides in the lawn ornamental areas of your property.   

Pesticide Safety Inside the Home, Part I and Part II - These videos provided by the Alabama Cooperative Extension discusses integrated pest management and pesticide safety tips when using pesticide inside your home.

IPM Minute Videos on the School IPM Channel -This Youtube channel was developed by Philip Smith, a compliance assistance specialist with the West Virginia Department of Agriculture, to provide information about integrated pest management concepts with the focus on schools.

Pest, Site or Crop Specific Resources
ISU Extension:  Bed Bugs
Menace in the Mattress from Rutgers University
The Future of Detection:  Bed Bug Dogs-A video from the University of Florida which demonstrates how a bed bug dog is used to search for bed bug infestations.

The Brown Marmorated Stinkbug from Rutgers University

Mosquito PSA from Rutgers University
Central Mass Mosquito Control Channel
Make A Change PSA from Rutgers University

American Lyme Disease Foundation’s Educational Videos

Other Resources
California Master Gardener Lecture Series –A series of videotaped lectures provided by the University of California’s Agriculture & Natural Resources Communication Services.

Online Public Access Database  or Archival Research Catalog–The National Archives has made some historic pesticide related images, audio and video resources available through their website.  These resources along with other documents found in the National Archives collection can be found by querying key words such as pest, pesticide, insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, and other similar terms.  Searches can be narrowed to video, audio or images using some of the website refine functions.  Not all listed items are available for viewing online.